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Building a online future for your small businesses.

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“When you build technology it’s not just a matter of “what.” In most cases the success ends up determined by “how” you build it”

- Tobi Lütke, Founder and CEO of Shopify

Why's A Website So Important?

Simple, you need results, results that leads to more profit for your business.

How do I get results?

By creating a conversion centric website that satisfies the requirements of the business and it's customers.


Search Engine Optimization

Improve your performance on Google and other search engines so you get seen before your competitors.

Website / App Development

A necessity to grow your business in the modern age.

Social Media Marketing

Diversify content and drive traffic to your site.

AI Modeling

The final frontier (for now) to grow beyond human consciousness.

Success Stories

Legacies Barber Co.

In late July 2021, Legacies Barber Co. made their start as a small barbershop in Morrisville, NY. They decided a website would be essessial to the growth of thier business. I created a simple website that shows thier services, examples of cuts, social links and all the basics. 2 years later, they've grown to 4 barbers and looking at getting a new shop.

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Didion Tax Preparation

After more than 25 years as a CPA Deborah wanted to add a website to help grow her business. After the site went up she grew by more than 200 clients in the first year. Now she travels the world during her off seasons, and living her best life.

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A Little About Me

Born in Western New York, I lived and worked on a small farm and spent time at my mom's on the weekends till I was 18.

After which I moved out to college at SUNY (State University of New York) Brockport where I majored in Business and minored in Music. I met many friends and learned a lot about the economics of running a business.

After college I spent 2 years working as a General Manager at 2 seperate Domino's locations. During that time I spent my free time teaching myself and becoming infatuated with computer programming, specifically Microsoft Excel VBA Scripts and later Javascript.

I currently have 5 years of experience programming and building tools for businesses.