The Single Best Tip To Improve Your SEO

Get More Reviews

The more positive reviews you have on Google, the higher your search rank, plain and simple.

I've used many strategies to increase a businesses review count. First off, simply ask every customer to leave you a review on Google, and make it easier than them doing it all by themselves.

For example, a cookie shop leaves a browser tab open at the front counter registers. When cashing out customers, all the team member needs to do is ask for the review, upon acceptance, they spin the monitor around and let customer do a couple taps, maybe they write something, and boom +1 review.

The effects can be amplified by adding a good incentive.

Short story, in college a late night diner called "Jimmy Z's" had a promotion once a year where if you came in and showed them that you followed them on Facebook, you would get a free milkshake or something. I came in, the cashier told me to follow using my phone, show them, and I got a free shake. Needless to say I took the offer.

I didn't track it but I imagine they gained thousands of followers from this yearly promotion.

You can apply this strategy to any platform to grow your search rank, following, or brand in general. The formula goes like this promote, make accessible, and follow through. I guarantee you will see your search rank climb above the competition.